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Who We Are
QHN was created in 2004 to improve the health of people who live across western Colorado.

What We Do
We provide for the secure exchange of electronic health information when and where it’s needed.

QHN is a not-for-profit community partnership, established in 2004 to support the adoption of health information technology, provide health information exchange (HIE) services and promote innovative uses of electronic health information for improved healthcare outcomes. QHN’s uniquely connected technology allows its network to not just exchange information, but enhance care coordination, and support the data needs of high value applications.

QHN business hours:
Weekdays: 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

QHN DASHBOARD- September 2019

QHN Dashboard


Introducing Community Resource Network (CRN)

CRN is a social information exchange (SIE) designed to help bridge the gap, increase efficiency and improve outcomes when it comes to social determinants of health. CRN is taking the shared technology platform to the next level by incorporating the social and medical elements of health in order to get a more robust picture of the many factors that influence an individual’s overall wellness. Click Here to Learn More About CRN

Colorado launches statewide Health IT Roadmap

The state’s official Health IT Roadmap, a plan which provides informed, strategic direction for Health IT (HIT) investments across Colorado has been formally approved by the Governor’s Office, and unanimously approved by the eHealth Commission for implementation. Colorado’s Health IT Roadmap moves the state a step closer toward creating statewide solutions which promote affordability, privacy, efficiency and innovation; the benefits of which will address the concerns of all Coloradans, in urban and rural communities alike. View Roadmap.

Image Exchange

Image Exchange and Image Enabled Results Delivery (IERD) are some of QHN’s newest service offerings based on the provider identified need to have immediate access to diagnostic quality medical images across the QHN health information exchange (HIE). Image Exchange in now live with St. Mary's Hospital and Regional Medical Center, Community Hospital, Aspen Valley Hospital, Colorado Canyons Hospital and Medical Center, Grand River Health, Montrose Memorial Hospital, Valley View Hospital and Delta County Memorial Hospital.

Image Exchange through the QHN system:
  • Saves time for providers by enabling immediate access to view and compare images
  • Decreases healthcare costs by reducing duplicate imaging procedures
  • Allows providers to collaborate with multiple clinicians using the real-time common image viewing feature
  • Improves patient safety by limiting unnecessary radiation exposure
  • Solves the problems of non-viewable CDs, large file transfers, and multiple logins to various PACs systems

Read more about image exchange.
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