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The QHN web site was created to connect our community, partners and medical providers with the most up-to-date information about the work QHN and our partner organizations are doing to improve the health of Colorado residents.

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What's Coming in 2015?

New QHN Platform enhancements will continue to be released throughout 2015 to add new features and to further refine the system to meet QHN participant’s needs. This process requires the support of our Users to give us input and their valuable time to help us test and improve new functionality. We currently have 27 enhancements and upgrades in the work queue. This list is dynamic with new enhancement requests continually being evaluated.

In late summer or fall of 2015, the QHN platform will be upgraded to version 3.0. This release will be significant and address many of our Users requests for changes, upgrades and enhancements. We appreciate our Users persistence and feedback, and as with the previous QHN system which went through 10 years of iterations, this system will continue to evolve.

A pilot program has been initiated to explore cross-continuum care-team management using QHN’s newly acquired Advisory Board’s care management tool, Crimson Care Management (CCM). This pilot engages primary care, long-term care, home health, the Department of Human Services (DHS) and RMHP to enable the team to identify and coordinate care for targeted patient populations and to focus on a patient-specific care plan.

QHN is in the process of Image Enabling Results Delivery (IERD), which will allow images to be viewed via link type functionality directly from reports. The pilot of this program is with Aspen Valley Hospital. Once a successful pilot is completed, QHN will begin to expand this feature to other QHN participants. IERD allows the image to be viewed from the report with QHN Results, and also from many provider EHR systems depending upon their capability.

If you are receiving radiology reports via results delivery at this time and are interested in this coming enhancement, please contact your Clinical Account Manager. Please see the EHR Connectivity Matrix to confirm that your EHR vendor is working with QHN.
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